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Do you like trying new challenges? Xzakt is an ever growing company, that is constantly looking for new talented employees who want to develop personally, as well as growing with us! As an employee you begin your employment with an introduction, followed by training in the area you will be working in, then you will be placed in the team you will cooperate with. Xzakt values your personal development dearly, and there is always a good opportunity for you for further development and climb in the organization. This is a golden opportunity to gain knowledge, not only in customer care and personal service, but also in completely new markets!

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At our headquarters in central Stockholm there is a sales department that ensures our growth. Entry level in this department is as a meeting bookkeeper, with the ability to advance to salesperson and Key Account Manager. We invest heavily in educating and developing our sales staff, and you will have very good conditions for good compensation, flexible working hours (full time / part-time), valuable development, employment in an international group with high ceilings and participation in a success story.

We are always looking for increasing our growth, with internal recruitment towards leadership. The entrance to the positions at our headquarters is through our sales department.

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Working as an operator at Xzakt is the first step for all employees. Your work will consist of dealing with switchboard services or customer service, and you will get a thorough education in how to make all of your customers satisfied. Leadership on site will always support you through all your tasks. Your work is measured and you constantly have a good sense of where on your development curve you currently sit. As you mature in your role as an operator, several new exciting projects will be added to your work tasks. Are you ready to pursue a career?

Want a career? All leadership at Xzakt is staffed by our best agents.

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