Customer Service

With Xzakt Kundrelation, you get not only a partner that works with your current needs, we will also become a proactive partner who helps you develop new ways to create relationships with existing as well as prospective clients. Today we help clients across all channels, and we offer to help you with phone calls, email, chat, SMS, traditional mail, logistics and other administrative functions.
Today we operate in most sectors, and we are proud to help some of Swedens leading companies in e.g. finance, insurance, tourism, industry and telecommunications.

With the markets most comprehensive structure of business processes, we ensure that your customers are given the best hospitality possible. The most professional officers will welcome your clients and help them with their problem. And they will do it through the channels of communication of your and your customers choice- around the clock, 365 days a year.

We manage not only your customer service, we take it to a whole new level.

Switchboard & Answering services

By applying the most advanced technical platform available, we are able to offer a world class customer service and switchboard service to all business, to a reasonable and efficient price. We offer you personal answering services, with dedicated staff that will know all about your company and everything that comes with it. In other words, everything you and your costumers deserves.

Our own flexible system makes it possible to synchronize with the system or systems you use, to provide a correct answer to all of your costumers in real-time. All of your most important contacts will always feel prioritized, as they should be, to strengthen the relationship.


We have ambitious requirements specifications from several customers in all major industries that makes us constantly updated with everything needed to capture your customers interest and loyalty. On top of, this we travel to visit major international forums in order to positioning ourselves for the future. This has made us the most prized companies of all time in our market.