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and long-term

Xzakt Kundrelation is one of Scandinavia’s largest outsourcing providers for the management of customer service and switchboard call operations. The company started in 2000, and currently has operations covering all Scandinavian languages. With a unique focus on quality and creating value Xzakt has established itself as a given supplier in the industry.


Who are we?

  • Gunilla Von Platen
    Chairman of the Board
    Gunilla founded Xzakt Kundrelation AB in 2000 and is now the company’s chairman. She has been with the entire trip that Xzakt has done and is still very active in the company. In addition to Xzakt Gunilla is active in the property industry where she owns several properties, and other contractors’ activities through her investment company. Gunilla has also held various board positions and is involved in several charitable organizations, including UNICEF, Hand in Hand and MinStoraDag. Beyond this Gunilla has a passion for Entrepreneurship and is a frequent speaker on the topic. She has, thanks to her passionate commitment to the Swedish business community, been awarded the incredibly prestigious Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapets business medal in 2015.
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    +46 910 71 60 00
  • Fredrik Lithén
    Has previously worked in several call centers with IT and communications development. Has a background as an application developer in several industries, both as an employee and also ran his own business.
  • Simon Knudsen
    Simon comes from a leading media company, where he was both the head of sales and partner for about a decade. Before that he has been working with sales both at SAS and different national and international retail businesses. Simon started at Xzakt in august 2016 and he will have ta key responsibility for the operation and the expansion of the company.
  • Jessica Rudholm
    Operations Manager
    Jessica started as Operations Manager in December 2016 after working at Xzakt since 2012. Her personal development has been exciting and she has definitely been taken one step up in her career in the way we call "The Xzakt Way", where she made the journey from being a customer service agent, through being a team leader, later on responsible traffic and schedule manager, and now operations manager for Skellefteå.
  • Linda Björk
    Linda is economics graduate who comes from Bringwell AB (Publ.), Where she worked as CFO for 10 years. Prior to that she has been Nordic Finance Manager at Future Electronics AB and accounting manager at Boxer TV Access AB.


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